White Crane Arts & Media is a non-profit trust started by filmmakers Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam to promote contemporary art, cinema and independent media practices in the Himalayan region. As long-term residents of Dharamshala, they became aware of the lack of opportunities and initiatives to help local artists and filmmakers in the area, and the paucity of any forum for interaction with established international artists and filmmakers.

Ignored by the larger cities where most cultural activities and events are focused, and neglected by metro-centric arts institutions and organisations, towns like Dharamshala, despite being potentially fertile centres of creative activity, have no access or exposure to the world of contemporary art and cinema. White Crane Arts & Media hopes to help redress this imbalance. It is Ritu and Tenzing’s aim to create a space and a situation in the Himalayan regions where creative expression, unshackled from the chains of societal mores, cultural dogmatism and political tyranny, can be encouraged and becomes possible.